Dar was born in 1956 to East African Asians. His parents were born in Kenya and his grandparents were immigrants from Kashmir who travelled as economic migrants looking for work in the British Colony of East Africa.

His parents migrated to England from East Africa in 1963 again as economic refugees looking for work.

Dar grew up in London. He has worked in bookshops and community projects and as a researcher for television.He graduated as a Filmmaker from Goldsmiths College, London and holds a postgraduate diploma in film and television studies from University of Warwick.

He has made artwork ranging from a 10-minute short drama film Destiny Desire Devotion to directing and performing theatre pieces as well as producing film and video installations and a commissioned digital artwork for the Institute of Contemporary Interdisciplinary Arts, University of Bath. He is open to producing work collaboratively and has made his last few pieces in collaboration with other artists.

He currently lives and works in Berlin.

'Choop' is his second video installation produced in Berlin and first collaboration with a composer
d.d. slash / h-ed roland also living and working in Germany.

Curriculum Vitae