Some images of the cast in the desert, Rajasthan, during shoot. Click image to expand.

About the cast

Urmi Jadhav

Urmi plays the character Shantimaji in the film.

Urmi is a leading member of the hijra community in Mumbai and has worked for the Humsafar Trust.

She also runs her own dance company. She has appeared in numerous videos found on Youtube, including this beautiful rendition of the Indian National Anthem Jana Gana Mana recorded in celebration of the historic ruling by the supreme court of India that transgender people constitute a 'third gender' and are fully protected by the constitution of the Republic of India.(See Wikipedia)

This is a link to her facebook page.

Yogendra Mule

Yogendra plays the character 'Khoti' in the film. ('Khoti' is a Hindi expression meaning 'effeminate man or boy'.)

Yogendra has appeared in a film previously, the short 'Sundar' by Rohan Kanawade. (Link to clip from 'Sundar' on youtube.)

He also models and is a dancer.

Here is a link to his facebook page.

Sushant Divgikar

Sushant is Dancing Boy 1 and Singer in the desert dance scene.

Shushant is a television celebrity in India, having won Mr Gay India 2014 and having participated in Big Boss 8 in 2014. Since then he has promoted Mr Gay India as well as launching a drag arist persona Rani KohHenoor who was recently interviewed for Vogue India.

Sushant sings the track that was filmed as the dance song 'Proud and Gay' in the desert and has recently also recorded a new single, 'Love is Love' available to download on Spotify.

Here is a link to Sushant's facebook page

Bhuushan Kulkarni

Bhuushan is a co-star for the whole film. He plays one of the two main characters, Vijay.

Bhuushan has been a staunch supporter of the film and it's message of equality for LGBT people in India.

An actor with a strong theatre background , Bhuushan started off as a lead in an award winning short film Lonely Walls; next up state level award winning play Dushyantpriya. He has also worked in television Crime Patrol Satark (2015), as well as done advertising for brands such as Vodafone, X-End Pay Money Transfer, Acer Mobile, he has worked in a regional feature film and recently more shorts Darwaze (2016), Henry (2018). Love is ... is his first international feature film.

Here is a link to Bhuushan's facbook page

Lelin Kumar

Lelin is Dancing boy 2. He is a hip-hop dancer from Delhi.

Shubham Kumar

Shubham is Dancing boy 3. He is a hip-hop dancer from Delhi.

Mohit Singh (Aakash)

Mohit is Dancing boy 4. He is a professional hip-hop dancer from Delhi.